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ANVIL: journal of theology and mission

Welcome to ANVIL: a journal of theology and mission.

This issue: MISSION IS...

Cathy Ross draws on African theology to explore how lament can address injustice and offer new hope.

Debbie James and Thomas Fowler discuss some of the findings of CMS’s 2017 Mission Is survey and some myths that may need busting

Paul Bradbury and Tina Hodgett have designed an incredibly helpful map that offers insight into the spectrum of pioneer ministry

Paul Ede shows how a local community have been participating in transformation with God

Mission among people “at the end of their tether” and the role of community connecters

How to discern what God is doing, and the importance of mutuality in mission

The relationship between mission and place, and how Jesus reconfigures place in the Gospels

Reviewed this time, new books on mission, theology, biblical studies and art

Links to past volumes of ANVIL, back to 1984. Many of these articles are now available online.