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Abelino and Paty Apeleo - Chile

It is a great privilege to work among my own Mapuche people and be entrusted with responsibility to share the gospel and sharing with them the challenge to follow Jesus.

In 2013 I was living in the capital, Santiago, but the needs of the much more distant IX Region (Araucania) of the south were becoming more urgent as there was an increasing scarcity of pastors. This prompted the Anglican diocese of Chile to send me the this region.

Today we can see the clear justification for my return as we have been able to increase the pastoral team through the work of the Rural Bible Institute (IBR) and by addressing other challenges.


To serve the Lord in all aspects of my life


Assistant Bishop of Chile and Bishop of South Chile, based in the region of Araucania

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I was born and brought up in an indigenous community in this region of Chile, with all that meant in my cultural and linguistic background. In order to further my academic education I came to the city of Temuco, capital of Araucania, where thanks to my personal efforts both studying and working, I was able to complete my higher education and qualify as a teacher.

During my time at college the Lord came into my life in a marvellous and magnificent way. I felt the important challenge to ordained ministry, in spite of not knowing what would happen to me in the future.

Today I can only thank the Lord for the great privilege God has given me.

I would like to thank all those who by the support of Church Mission Society, and previously SAMS, have helped me to develop my episcopal ministry. Without this support it would have been very difficult for the church in Araucania.

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