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Jenny Green - Britain

Having completed 20 years of mission in Uganda, returning to the UK was hard until I was offered the opportunity of continuing service in the UK with Church Mission Society. My heart turned to Bradford, where I served my curacy in the 1990s. I “came home” and I love the city and the people.

Working as a community chaplain sets me free to wander the streets, chat over fences, open my home, work with people who use the church community centre and stick my nose into local activities. Jesus did that sort of thing: spreading his love, healing and hope, scattering seeds of change and confronting things that opposed God’s kingdom values. I have fantastic opportunities to demonstrate and talk about God’s love and his good plans for people. I try to make a difference in their lives but mostly I try to show them Jesus.


One lovely autumn morning when I was 17, as I was pouring feed from heavy sacks into troughs and being jostled by 60 hungry and playful beef cattle, I suddenly felt overwhelmed by a sense of God’s presence and love. It changed the course of my life.


I am still shepherding – not animals but people, not in wellies but in a dog collar, not in a sheepfold but on the streets of Bankfoot in Bradford as a community chaplain.

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I grew up on my parents’ farm, ran away from school at 15 and was kind of a messed up kid. But God gave me amazing opportunities. I went to agriculture college, nursed, midwifed, discovered God’s inner healing, trained for ordained ministry, served my curacy in Bradford and went to south west Uganda. I loved it all – especially setting up Potter’s Village, a child crisis and medical centre in Kisoro.

I returned to the UK with two adopted children, Hannah and Joseph. Now my greatest longing is that the people of Bankfoot discover God’s transforming love and power.

Since my twenties, I’ve been drawn to the idea of Christian community. I love being part of CMS; the values, the vision and the commitment to serve inspire me. I love this big, supportive, prayerful and loving family.

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