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Support the Diocese of Toliara, Madagascar

Bishop Todd and the Rev Patsy McGregor have been serving as missionaries in Africa since 1991. Since 2007 they have been responsible for starting the Diocese of Toliara, Madagascar, one of the newest dioceses in the Anglican Communion.

Their task involves serving and coordinating the Anglican Church, which has grown from 11 churches to 62 churches during the period.

The Malagasy people have many struggles, sometimes just to find water, and they have seen that holistic ministry of evangelism, education, and economic development has provided hope to the people.

One of the biggest challenges is raising up and training leaders who can serve the churches across this vast region.

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Bibles for Madagascar

The church in Toliara diocese is growing quickly and these new Christians are hungry for the word of God. Just £4.50 will buy a Malagasy Bible for individuals and churches, which will not only be of huge spiritual benefit, but aid the growth of literacy among those who have little access to formal education. Please consider making a one off or regular donation.

Donate to Bibles for Madagascar