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Training for short-term mission teams

Church Mission Society teams

We want to share our understanding of mission, experience and professional insights to enable your church, youth/university group or school to coordinate a cross-cultural experience.

We understand that each group planning a cross cultural visit will have their own story and different strengths and needs. Church Mission Society therefore offers a flexible programme where individuals and groups can choose which option below is appropriate for them.

Cross cultural training

CMS has over 200 years of experience in mission and we believe that training is key to a successful cross cultural trip. We facilitate briefing and debriefing days for teams going overseas, looking at topics such as culture, mission, team building, practicalities as well as a specific briefing on the country and culture your team are going to. We also run training for those who are leading a team and how they may do this in a different context.

Consultation afternoon

CMS has many partners and links in different parts of the world. In a consultation afternoon we share the practical knowledge we have in planning a team. For example: arranging in-country travel, planning an itinerary, as well as making sure you have covered all the necessary requirements and emergency procedures to show duty of care to your team members.

Our prayer is that through cross cultural experiences people will be nurtured and discipled, that they will gain a greater understanding of the global body of Christ and be encouraged to be involved in God’s mission wherever they are.

Get in touch

If you would like further information about our training please contact Helen on helen.brook [at] or 01865 787493.

CMS charges a small fee for each of the different options above to help fund our work, starting from £25 per person, further details on request.

Code of Best Practice in Short-Term Mission

Church Mission Society is recognised by Global Connections as operating under the Code of Best Practice in Short-Term Mission 2017 and 2018